Veggie Tales in The Little House That Stood

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If you like to talk to tomatoes If a squash can make you smile If you like to waltz with potatoes Up and down the produce aisle.

veggie tales

Oh, sorry.  I got carried away.  JD and I just watched my favorite vegetables in their newest DVD.  The Little House That Stood.  Yeah, I know, you think I’m a bit old for talking vegetables but I’m here to tell you, I’m not.  I’ve loved Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Junior Asparagus since I first saw them.  I can’t begin to tell you what my favorite is but some that stand out are: Rack, Shack & Benny; Where’s God when I’m S-scaredGod Wants Me to Forgive Then !?! and Are You My Neighbor.  See, I told you I’ve been a fan for a while.

Of course no Veggie Tale DVD would be complete without Silly Songs With Larry and my favorite there has to be The Hairbrush Song.

Well, I haven’t watched a Veggie Tales in several years and when I was offered this review I couldn’t help myself and wanted to share the fun with JD.

In The Little House that Stood, Larry reads a letter from a fan who asks them to do more nursery rhymes but Bob has a letter that asks them to do more parables.  They decided to combine them and you’ve got the Three Little Pigs who are looking to have houses built.  Larry builds houses on hay, Mr. Lunt builds his with bricks and Bob is the only one who insists on a firm foundation.  Of course since this is also a parable you know what’s going to happen.

The second movie on the DVD, The Good Egg of Gooseville, tells you what happened before Humpty cracked.  It’s about good neighbors that always lend a hand to those in need.  In following the theme of the other movie this features Goldilocks and the three bears as well as a few other nursery rhyme favorites.  And of course Mother Goose has a cameo.

Now I told you I’ve watched Veggie Tales for years but just the other night it hit me.  They don’t have any arms.  When they’re carrying hammers or pushing wheelbarrows those things are just floating in air around them.  I honestly think it’s so neat and Don thinks I’m nuts for not figuring out sooner that they didn’t have any hands.  What can I say, I’m gullible and never really paid much attention to that much detail.  Watch this movie trailer and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


The Little House that Stood was just released on March 5th, just in time for Easter.


Even though I received the Veggie Tales DVD to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


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