How to Use Curbside Samples Effectively

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When you own an ice cream business, one of the ways you can market yourself and attract more business is to offer free samples. You can set up a booth outside the store with tasting spoons and small cartons of the items that you offer. Make sure that you have a way to keep the ice cream frozen so that it doesn’t melt during the day.

According to Gelato Products, it’s a good idea to pair this freebie with another hook. One idea is to offer a free sample with a small discount for a cup or a cone of ice cream if they get something from the store. This way, you give away the taste, take a small loss on the sale and potentially create a lifelong customer. You can even make the discount relate to two or more cups. This gives the customer bigger savings, but helps cut down on the revenue you lose selling your product.  

Another way to efficiently use curbside samples is to offer them in custom printed cups. If you have the time, then consider putting the name of the customer on the side of the cup or making cups with popular designs that customers might like, such as bears, princesses, sports logos and holiday images. If customers know that you will take the time to make your company stand out from others, then they will likely know that you care about your business and are in it for more than just making money. 

While you’re offering samples, you can use colored plastic spoons that match the flavors of ice cream that you offer. This can make it easy to see which kind of ice cream people enjoy based on the colors of spoons that are used. You could also coordinate the spoons with the time of year, such as red and green for Christmas or blue and pink for Easter and the spring months.

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