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Frozenbytes sent me the game Trine for the PC to review and have fun with. Needing an expert gamer’s opinion I went to Don for his input.

A Knight (fighter) a Wizard (magic user) and a Thief are unexpectedly bound together within an ancient artifact called the Trine They must join their skills to save the kingdom from an ever growing evil undead threat.

The beautiful fantasy world of Trine is a side scrolling platform/puzzle game (think of Mario) where you must use the individual skills of all three characters to fight the undead armies. The Knight is a powerful character that duels the undead with hand to hand combat. The Wizard uses powerful magic to manipulate the physical world or he can create a magical cube to assist him in his task. The Thief uses a bow for defense and also has a grappling hook that aids her mobility through the game world. Since only one character can be outside of the Trine at a time you need to pick which character you’ll need to complete the task at hand. You can switch between characters during game play at will depending on which skill is needed.

The graphics in Trine are outstanding for a platform game. The puzzles range from easy to slightly difficult because this is not a simple hack and slash game but take some thought. The combat is a little simplistic but that’s OK because combat is not the main focus of the game.

Overall Trine is a very fun game to play however it should be noted that the game would play a lot better with a game pad (controller) instead of a keyboard and mouse.

Also of interest: E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) gave Trine the Best Downloadable Game


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