Top 5 Cell Phone User Pet Peeves

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As a person who’s had a cell phone since those huge phones in the bag were popular I’ve seen the evolution of phones being used for necessity only to being used by many as a substitute for actual human interaction. The only requirement I have in a cell phone is that I can dial out and receive an incoming call, though those are rare since I never give my number out.

I don’t want internet on my phone since I prefer to do my web surfing in the comfort of my leather office chair and look at my wide flat screen monitor with normal sized keyboard that my fingers actually work with. I don’t want texting because I don’t want to learn a new language and have to read my conversations. I also don’t like those LOL, ROFL, LMAO, and : ) at the end of sentences just to try to get my meaning and emotions across. If you can hear my voice you’ll be able to tell my mood and inflections by actually listening to me. I don’t turn my phone on unless I plan on using it because honestly, if I’m not home I really don’t care to be bothered by someone who just wants talk when they can call my house and leave me a message that I may or may not return.

This got me to thinking about what other people do on cell phones that really tick me off or should I call this my Top 5 Cell Phone User Pet Peeves or Cell Phone Users I Hate To Be Around. 

1. When you’re spending time with me I think it’s RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to keep answering your phone and taking calls from other people unless it’s an emergency. By doing this you’re telling me that everyone else is more important. If nobody’s bleeding or the house isn’t burning down it shouldn’t be any more important than what you’re doing at the moment.

2. Cell phones at the dinner table. At our house we have a rule that there are no phones at the dinner table. That means we don’t answer the house phone (landline) and we don’t allow anyone, and that includes guests to answer or use their cell phone for texting or talking while at the dinner table. That’s just a distraction and interruption to everyone else who’s trying to enjoy a quiet dinner and conversation with each other.

3. Talking loudly on a cell phone. Yes, I realize the person you’re talking to isn’t in the same room and may not even be in the same zip code but that doesn’t mean you need to yell to be heard. The volume some people use leads me to think they can be heard without the help of a phone up to or in their ear.  Not to be rude but the people around you don’t really care to hear a conversation that most times should be private.  If you can’t talk in a normal or quiet voice then you should excuse yourself and go to a more appropriate place or GET OFF THE PHONE.

4. People who won’t put the phone down when interacting with other people. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in line at the grocery store and someone’s on their cell. They try to pull out their money or credit/debit card and pay all one handed while their phone is up to their ear. They keep their conversation going and showing their disrespect to the person who’s waiting on them.

5. Driving while talking on a cell while in a parking lot. In most places there’s a law against using a cell while driving but it still doesn’t stop people from doing it. I HATE being in a parking lot and having someone trying to park or pull out of a spot while holding their phone up to their ear. I’d much rather see someone driving down a straight road at 55mph than try to maneuver in and out of a parking lot one handed while talking.   Also those that talk while walking through a parking lot are distracted and not watching for cars backing up, turning or driving straight and I’ve seen some actually walk into or towards a moving car.  That’s an accident waiting to happen.

Nothing said on a cell phone is all that important that the call can’t wait a few minutes or even a few hours.  If you haven’t noticed they all come with voice mail for the times when you can’t or shouldn’t be taking that call.  A little common courtesy and respect for those around you may prevent someone from shoving that phone down your throat or someplace else you’d rather not have it.

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  1. Becca says:

    I like my cell phone and use it a lot, but also try to remember common courtesy. I always get off the phone to check out at the grocery store, while at the doctor, etc. Ugh!

  2. Here, here! I've only had a cell phone for four years, but I generally do not give the number out. I have it for emergency use (and for my mother). I agree with everything you say here, and I would add one more:

    Turn off your phone when you go into a theatre. Any theatre (movie or legit). If you would rather be talking or texting, stay outside, so that those of us who want to enjoy the film or performance that we paid to see can do so.