Top 4 Activities for Summer Fun or Outdoor Living For Kids

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Finally, the summers are here! It is time to step out in the garden and feel the warm sunlight with your kids. Summer’s not only means respite from the chill but also is the time to spend with your kids. Undoubtedly kids want to play and indulge in activities they can’t do indoors or when at school. It is best to try and make the day for the kids that are packed with craft, activities and games.
If you are also planning to spend quality time with your kids this summer and want to keep them busy and entertained here are some of the ideas that you can use:

  1. Seashells craft:   They make for a great craft as they are inexpensive or free. You can ask the kids to paint them in vibrant or pastel colors and string them to make a wall hanging. Let the kids exercise their creativity.
  2. Slip and slide:  No kid can refuse to slip and slide. It is an all-time favorite of the kids. You can either make one at home with plastic sheet or buy it online. To make it more interesting, add some pool toys and set it at a slope. Invite your kids’ friends to double the fun.
  3. Body paint:  If your kids love to go to fairs to get the body paint done, then why make them wait! Buy the body paint online and let your kids get dirty using them. You can give them a task to paint on their friends or sibling hands. You can easily buy body paints online by using discount coupons from
  4. Camping: If you can’t take your kid far for camping, there is no harm in setting a small camp in the backyard of your home. Involve them in setting up the tent, barbeque and camping activities. If you are looking for a great tent check out these tent reviews. To make it fun for your kids invite their friends and arrange for some games.


These are not all, you can even go out for a day picnic at zoo or water park. These are perfect activities to strengthen the family bonds and enjoy the nice summers.

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