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Several years ago I had a total of 10 blogs and would try to update them regularly.  Now I only have this one and can honestly say I don’t always have time to update like I should.  I was looking over my old blogs tonight and thought I’d share some of my favorite posts over here periodically and tonight it’s going to be the blog I had for my puppies The Adventures of Stretch & Ellie Plus One.  When I started the blog I thought it would be cute to have stories told through their eyes, then it went to conversations between Stretch & Ellie.  This is one of those conversations and with the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie it’s perfect.


Ellie:            Hey Stretch, wanna play Star Trek

Stretch:       OK. I wanna be Captain Kirk

Ellie:            Great, I wanna be Bones anyway

Stretch:       What scene are we playing

Ellie:            It’s after some aliens attacked the ship and we’ve defeated them

Stretch:      OK

Ellie:           Spock’s been injured and is laying on the ground, I’m examining him

Stretch:      OK

Ellie:           HE’S DEAD JIM!!

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