Stride iD Gum: Targeting Teens but Great at Any Age

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id gum, kinda
Years ago I was chewing gum at work and accidentally bit through my tongue.  It was bad enough the nurses I worked with wanted me to go the ER but I refused when I couldn’t figure out how to tell the doc I bit my tongue chewing gum without being embarrassed.  I ended up sucking on ice cubes and talking funny for a week until the swelling went down.   Since that time I gave up chewing gum but once in a while I just want to chew and will indulge for a short time to get a burst of flavor but I’m picky and don’t care for those sickening sweet gumballs out of a machine and most other gum loses it’s flavor so quick, not to mention I’m not a mint person with the exception of a good peppermint patty.

This is why I hesitated when I was offered a chance to try iD gum but curiosity finally won and I received many packs of Peppermint, Spearmint and BarryMelon to quench my interest and need to chew.  I have to say, it’s rather good.  I was conflicted on trying the BerryMelon because I detest melon flavored anything and the smell of melon candy and gum usually nauseates me.  On the other hand I love berry flavored anything so I went with that and was pleasantly surprised.  I think there was enough melon flavor to satisfy those that like it but the berry toned it down to a tolerable level for me.  My next taste test came with the Spearmint.  My mom use to buy those jellied, sugar coated spearmint leaves and I hated those.  It’s another one of those things that the smell can turn my stomach but in this gum it was just the right amount of flavoring and again, not overpowering.  Last was Peppermint.  Peppermint is tricky for me, too much and it tastes like toothpaste but peppermint covered in chocolate is great.  iD Peppermint had that coolness that I find in a Peppermint Patty and I honestly think this was my favorite.

I also like the way iD gum is packaged.  The box design is actually pretty neat too, it folds in half and has a magnetic closure.  It’s rigid enough to withstand being placed in a pocket without getting crushed and mangled or it can be tossed in a purse without having to go on an archeological dig just to find 1 stick.



Stride is targeting it’s iD gum toward teens but as a middle age adult I’m enjoying the flavor and the 0 calories but then again maybe it’s a sign that I have good taste and feel younger than the calendar says

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id gum, kinda



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  1. michelle warner says:

    my kids love this gum, great review, i think this gum is great as well.