So Long Stefano: American Idol Results 4-21-11

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I wasn’t surprised with the bottom 3 tonight but I was a bit disappointed in the final results. I never thought Stefano was going to win but he deserved to at least be in the running another 1-2 weeks.
As you all know I think Jacob should have gone home tonight with either Haley, Casey or Stefano being next but after that I’m torn. Casey is good but not quite good enough and I don’t know many that will buy his CD’s. Haley is good but not consistent. I love Scotty and he just makes performing seem so effortless. I think James is a great performer with an amazing eye for what makes a performance as evidenced last night and I think Lauren is cute as a button and love her accent and that girl can sing.

David Cook was good tonight but I liked him when he was a contestant. Katy Perry is not my cup of tea. I really liked her costume with the moving lights but I really don’t like that type of music. Can someone answer me, why do performers have to do a whole theatrical presentation when they sing a song anymore. I miss the days where they just got up and sang. Maybe that’s why I liked David Cook tonight. Give me a singer with a group behind him or a guitar and I’m hooked.

Is it my imagination or does everyone seem to be having more fun this year than in the past. Ryan looks more relaxed and he doesn’t appear to be trying as hard to be funny as he did last year, he’s just being Ryan.

I do believe once Jacob leaves it’s really going to get interesting as to who’s going home each week as the rest are all so good but my money’s still on a Scotty/James or Scotty/Lauren finale. But I have been known to be wrong a few times.

Here’s the results of how we did in our poll this week and it looks like you got it right.

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