Sit In Comfort With a Brylane Home Extra Wide Office Chair

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Now that everyone’s back at school and spending more time doing homework, either at the dining table or desk.  Whether on paper or on the computer I’m sure most are complaining of backaches, neckaches and all around discomfort.

I know I’m not in school but this is the time of year I spend more time sitting at my desk on the computer and I’m doing a LOT of complaining.  I have an office chair and I still complain.  You see, my chair isn’t padded enough for my, bottom.  The arms of the chair aren’t padded and are hard which makes it hard on the arms when sitting back reading the screen.   Add to that, my chair doesn’t maintain it’s height position and is always in the LOW position.   Now, being 5’2″ you might think that’s a good thing and normally I’d agree with you but having recently had a knee replacement I can tell you it’s murder getting out of that LOW position and I’d like it to remain a bit higher.  Now comes the width of the chair.  My upper thigh touches the hard plastic on that comes between the chair arm and seat which causes my leg to go numb and burn.

When Brylane Home asked me to review anything on their website for back to school I jumped on the Extra Wide Memory Foam Office Chair.  The problem was, I received it about a week after I had surgery and it took a couple of months before I was able to sit at the computer and focus so Don’s been using it and so far he hasn’t complained.  Well, he does have one complaint that I’ve heard.  It’s hard to roll on the carpet but I’m sure it would do great on a hard floor or one of those chair mats that go under a, well, office chair.  Isn’t that true with any chair on carpet though?

Extra Wide Memory Foam Office Chair

Isn’t she a beauty?

I have sat in and used it a few times and can honestly say that thing is comfortable on my bottom, it’s roomy so my legs aren’t hitting any part of the chair or arm supports, the arms are padded, it stays at the height I set  and I love it.

Here’s some features of this chair

  • supports up to 400-lbs.*
  • measures: 44 1/2″-48 1/2″H x 29 1/2″W x 29″D, 24″W seat  x 22″D seat (17″-19 1/2″H floor to seat)
  • 3/4″ thick memory foam cushion in center of seat
  • perforated center panel with pronounced lumbar support
  • adjustable seat height and tilt tension with 360° swivel
  • waterfall edge seat reduces stress on legs
  • promotes better circulation
  • dual-wheel castors on stable 5-prong base

We did, or I should say Don did have to assemble the chair but that didn’t take very long.

One complaint I have is the headrest.  As with most chairs, autos and even our sofa, when I sit back my head and neck isn’t hitting where it should (see the source) so it’s pushing my head forward rather than supporting my neck but I’m use to it and figure that’s the price I pay for being vertically challenged.

All in all this chair is sitting in our office and being used daily by Don with no real complaints that would make him refuse to use it.  Now I have a huge decision to make.  Do I take that chair away from Don?  Nah, I love him too much so I guess I’ll just have to buy another one for me.

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  1. That is a pretty good sized chair and looks comfy too. All the time I spend at the computer I really need a good chair. I’ve gone through several and still have not yet found the perfect chair. Glad to hear this one works for you or should I day Don :).

  2. hair extensions supplier says:

    That is a pretty good sized chair,where could buy it?

  3. Alison says:

    Oh that is a gorgeous chair! I bet both boys could sit on it without squishing each other too!