Share a Story and Share the Love: How My Puppies Calm, Support and Love Us

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Studies show that dogs can be therapeutic and help lower blood pressure and stress. Therapy dogs are used to help those with autism, anxiety and phobias. They even have dogs that are trained to tell their humans when epileptic seizures are coming on or their blood sugar levels are too high. They’ve taken the phrase “Man’s Best Friend” to a whole new level.

I know as much as my puppies infuriate they give 1,000 times more unconditional love and support. When I watch a sappy movie and start crying Ellie will jump in my lap and lick my tears. If Don and I are talking and raise our voices, whether it’s an argument, loud discussion or excitement, Ellie will try to climb Don’s leg and paw at him as if to say “stop arguing”. Most of the time we have to reassure her that we’re not arguing and on the odd chance that we are Ellie provides just enough distraction that we stop.

Rascal is another story. He loves and loves and loves. When we wake up in the morning he’s right there climbing on our faces and showing us how happy he is that we’re awake. No matter what I’m doing he follows me all around the house and sits at my feet.

Stretch, well, she’s are needy dog. She wants whatever the others have and from the person they’re getting it from. You show her a little bit of attention and she soaks it all up yet she gives it back over and over with the way she looks at you.

Our puppies aren’t just our pets but they’re precious members of our family.

Cesars would like to invite you to join their Share a Story and Share the Love campaign to learn more about therapy dogs and share heartwarming stories. They also encourage you to share photos or videos of your dog comforting someone or showing you how much they care. In exchange for sharing your story of a therapy dog Cesar’s will share the love with three therapy dog organizations through donations that help continue the services they provide to people in need.  You can also share your story on Facebook and Twitter.

“I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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  1. Sarah L says:

    My friend uses a seeing eye dog and it’s wonderful to watch how helpful her dog is.