Safest Place to Keep Every Day Jewelry

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Do you have a safe or someplace to store your valuables?    I once wrapped some things in foil and stuck them in the freezer but I kept trying to thaw them out for dinner.  My mom had one of those wall safes that looked like an electrical outlet where she stored her  $100 bills.    While I never thought that was a good hiding place, I mean who wouldn’t suspect an outlet in the bathroom, chest height, behind the door and under the towel rack as being fake.  It must have worked though, after she died I found $600 in there.   While I’m still trying to find a place to store my tiara to keep it out of sticky fingers I think this guest post from Nicole Knupp may have the answer I’m looking for.


No matter if your everyday jewelry has monetary value or sentimental value, the last thing that you want to do is lose a piece of jewelry to chance–or to sticky hands. The fact that you value your jewelry enough to even want to keep it safe from losing it–or worse, having it stolen–should be an indicator that it deserves much more than just overstuffed drawers, tops of medicine cabinets or getting put under the mattress.

Instead, you should consider a jewelry safe for home use. This is the absolute safest place for any household valuable, everyday jewelry included. In fact, a jewelry safe for home use is so safe, that’s why they named it a safe!

The New Kind of Jewelry Safe for Home Protection
Jokes aside, keeping a home safe is one of the most practical decisions you will ever make. Now, when most people hear “safe”, they get a picture in their head of cartoon-like wall safes behind a picture or an unsightly gray box with a knob on it. While those still are available if you want them, the modern home safe has been completely re-imagined in the way it is constructed, keeping aesthetics in mind during the design and production phases.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the integrity of the actual function suffered; on the contrary, home safes are now stronger and sturdier than ever before. You could say that we’ve built a safer safe. By combining high-end safe manufacturing skills with advancements in metal processing and quality craftsmanship, the safe industry has been able to push home safety for valuables to new and exciting heights.

Types of Home Safes
For instance, designer styling and personalized safes have become extremely popular for turning what used to an eyesore into a stronghold of beauty. Wooden paneling and gem encrusted knobs provide a fitting home for your beautiful jewelry. Alternatively, standard home safes are perfect for those who want to make a statement to anyone entering the home–invited or uninvited.

If for some unfortunate reason a thief does break into your home, the second they see your jewelry safe for home use, they are more likely to leave the house immediately. Cat burglars only have a limited time period within which to steal so anything that makes the job less than a cakewalk acts as a major deterrent.

Jewelry Safe for Home Valuables
But it’s not only burglars you’ll be protecting your everyday jewelry from. Some other extremely common reasons jewelry is lost or damaged include:

  • Guests who “borrow”
  •  Children who want to be like mommy–but aren’t as careful!
  • Pets who think your earrings look like they’d be tasty
  • Fires, floods and other natural disasters
  • Your luck with losing jewelry

All of these instances are completely preventable with a jewelry safe for home use. So, if you’re looking for the best way to keep your jewelry safe from any situation, choose the one item that was named after safety itself: a home safe!


Nichole Knupp is a freelance blogger and marketing professional who writes guest posts and website content for a variety of different blogs and niches that interest her.


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