Remembering Mom

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For the past week I’ve seen posts on Facebook and forums asking what’s the one thing you’d want for Mother’s Day or What’s the best gift you’ve ever given. I have a great memory of a Mother’s Day with my mom that I’m sure was probably one of the highpoints of her life.

My mom loved Frank Sinatra. She was one of those young women who would scream and faint at the sight of him when he was just starting out. She saw him perform live once in his early days and here it was 50 years later and she wanted to see him live once more before she died. When I’d heard he was going to be performing at The Civic Opera House in Chicago I had to get her tickets. Since I was working on Mother’s Day it was perfect that the show was the following Sunday. On Mother’s Day I surprised mom with tickets to the concert along with a new outfit to wear and a promise of a prime rib dinner at Lawry’s.

The day of the concert I drove her to the door of The Civic Opera House and went all out for valet parking. We found our seats which were fairly good and could see the stage perfectly and mom was so excited she couldn’t sit still. The lights went down and the stage was dark and music started playing. When the lights came back on Frank Sinatra was standing center stage and started singing. My mom was so effected she started crying as she knew this would be the last time she’d see him perform.

After the show I drove to Lawry’s and again did the valet parking. We were seated at our table and every person that passed by mom had to stop them and let them know her daughter had just taken her to see Frank Sinatra for Mother’s Day. She felt like she was Queen for the Day and I wasn’t going to treat her any differently.

That was in May 1993, mom died January 1994 but she did get her wish of seeing Frank Sinatra live once more before she died

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