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If you family is anything like my family than you have too many power cords lying around the house. You are constantly unplugging one to plug in another. Well now that problem is solved! Buy a PowerMat today and you won’t be disappointed!

I had looked at many different types of power mats over the years and thought to myself, “why would I spend money on one when I can just plug my cell phone into the wall with the cord that came with it?” Well now not only do my husband and I each have different cell phones, but we also have an IPod and an IPhone and my kitchen counter looks like a spider web of wires. Many times when I would go to bed at night I would plug in my phone and walk away, just to find out in the morning, someone unplugged it to plug something else in. No more, now we have one of the best invention ever, The PowerMat!

This amazing charging solution simultaneously charges up to three POWERMAT ENABLED devices (plus one USB power port). Works with all Powermat Receivers. Adjustable sound and light indications give feedback that charging is occurring while a small magnetic pull ensures perfect alignment and optimal charging efficiency.

We also received a portable charging mat. It folds up and fits into a nice neat case, and also came with a Powercube Universal Receiver with 8 tips. It is great for other devices that are not able to be PowerMat enabled devices. Another plus to having the PowerMat and Powercube is that when guest come over and say, “my phone is almost dead” I can usually find a tip that fits there phone and they get to charge it up and have a worry free drive home! It has tips to fit just about any phone or device you can think of. I can not wait to use my portable mat this week when we go camping, no more packing all the cords to make sure we have power for our all important phones and IPods!

When you order a PowerMat you also have to order the receiver that fits your device. Once the receiver is on your device you simple plug in the PowerMat and drop your device onto it. You will hear the chime that lets you know you are charging! I also really like that the PowerMat cord has a built in cord wrap, so you can figure out how much cord you need and the rest gets wrapped around (like a vacuum cleaner) and keeps my counter looking clutter free!
This would be a great addition to your home for all your electronic charging needs. It also makes for a great gift for that person who has everything! I love this product!!!

A product was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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