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This is a partnered post with Fotor.  All opinions and photos are my own.


I’ve taken pictures since the introduction of the first Kodak Instamatic with flash cube and drop in film cartridge.  I got my first SLR while in high school and had my own darkroom shortly after.  Where I could edit and do all sorts of special effects in my darkroom I was hesitant to switch to digital where I’d lose that creativity (not that I have much in that department to begin with).

Now that I’ve embraced the digital era in photography and Don bought me my coveted Canon Rebel DSLR last year I’m now beginning to enjoy photography again and the creativity that goes along with it.   With blogging I like to be able to edit my photos to get the right brightness, contrast and also crop it so I’m not boring you with my yellow kitchen walls and curtains or that piece of lint on the carpet.  The one thing I have a love hate relationship with is creating collages.  While I love a collage when I’m wanting to show off multiple photos within a post I dislike trying to make one from scratch in my editing software.

Introducing Fotor where I can create collages to my hearts desire.  Here’s a collage I made of old photos of my favorite subject, Rascal.

Fotor0930152627All I needed to do was add photos from my computer, pick the template I wanted and either let it pick which photos to add or I could add them manually.  I even had the option to change the photo effect, add text or even remove all color and make it black and white.

Since Fotor is a free online photo editing program that allows you to create collages, albums, banners, greeting cards and much more I decided to make a Christmas Card featuring all my puppies;  Ellie, Stretch and Rascal.


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  1. What a great tool for editing photos! i love that you can make cards. I am totally using this!