How to Save Shipping Costs While Shopping Online

This contest is being run with the support of Don’s from Kansas City and I’m from Chicago which makes for very interesting football or baseball viewing around here. You see, Don’s a very huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and while I don’t follow football that closely I have to give him some competition and root for the Chicago Bears. So, a few years ago Don wanted a Kansas City Chief’s hat and that’s something you just can’t find in {Read More}

Dehydration and Weight Gain

  I’ve been trying to lose weight and was rather successful with over 20 lbs but in the last few months it’s started creeping back up despite continued dieting. Part of that is medication induced but when I went to the doc a couple of weeks ago and complained about my weight gain (despite dieting) and swelling of my feet and ankles all she said was “that’s common during the summer”. I didn’t buy that answer and made mention of {Read More}

Understanding Asthma

About 22 years ago a 14 year old neighbor of mine died from an asthma attack. When I told people that Harry died I got responses like “I didn’t know you could die from asthma.” “How did he die from asthma?” I thought everybody knew asthma was a serious condition. It was then that I realized that even people with asthma didn’t realize it was serious or could be life threatening. According to The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & {Read More}

Save $15 Instantly at Office Max With The Purchase of $300 in Visa Gift Cards #OMaxVisa15

This is a sponsored post There are 2 types of stores I can get lost in. Hardware and Office Supply. I love pens, pads of paper in different sizes, notebooks, binders, folders and little boxes and envelopes to hold all my treasures. Then there are the matching desk accessories to try and make things look neat and tidy and pens,  I love pens (oops, I already said that). Why my desk still looks a mess is beyond me but when {Read More}

Pure Hold’Em for the PS4

Written by:  Leonard Brock Way back in December 2013, I posted this article about the best video game poker options, and really there was a lot to choose from. I’m no casino gaming aficionado, but from basic PC offerings to a few fun little games for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo, there were a lot of games to choose from. But none of them really comprised the full-blown console poker experience a lot of card gaming fans want to see (at {Read More}