Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes

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I use to be a shoaholic and owned over 70 pairs of shoes.  Yeah, I know I wasn’t up there with Imelda Marcos but even I admit that was a lot of shoes for 1 person.  Of course I was single and my money went on luxuries and wants.  I can honestly admit now that a lot of the shoes I owned I wore maybe once because they were so uncomfortable.

I had a tendency to buy shoes based on look and fashion and less on how they actually felt on my feet.  For that reason I’d buy a pair of shoes that were just awesome and talk myself into believing they fit.  I’d wear them once and they’d go to the back of the closet to sit in darkness.

Now I’ve scaled down and have about 20 pairs of shoes and most of those are comfortable havaianas for summer but my go to shoes are white athletic shoes or moccasins I got 11 years ago while on vacation.  Having scaled down hasn’t stopped me from looking and drooling over the cutest shoes out there but I’ve learned to go for fit and comfort over aesthetics.

I just got a new pair of Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes from XLS Medical that I think are great looking and fit well.  I do have to say I was a bit reluctant to get them due to them being in U.K sizing but once I found a website for conversions I was set.  I measure between a 6 – 6 1/2 but end up buying a 6 1/2 -7 due to width so I asked for a size 5.

Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes

When the shoes arrived I loved the color and material but was dreading trying them on because I just knew they wouldn’t be comfortable due to the tongue not opening all the way to the tip but I was wrong.

Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes

The Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes hug my feet perectly so they don’t slide off the sole and my arch is supported.  I love the pink accents and the compliments I get when wearing them.

Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes.

  Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes




The Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoe has some great features also.  The combination synthetic/mesh upper allows for breathability and comfort, the waffle sole is great for heal to toe transition when walking or running and the colors are great.  I’m not a pink person but this hot pink delivers just the right PUNCH that makes them fashionable.

You can purchase these from $49.99 – $79.99 (depending on color) Amazon or at retailers such as Lady Foot Locker and Finish Line


I was provided with a pair of Nike Dual Fusion Running Shoes to facilitate this review but all opinions are my own.

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