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Here’s another post that’s taking a step away from a review or giveaway.  Hey, I can’t be all business all the time.  Just think of this as your chance to learn a little more about me and where I stand on certain issues. 

I love to watch those home and self improvement shows. You know the ones, where people get a complete makeover; hair, makeup, clothes and some of them even end up getting cosmetic surgery.

I’m not against plastic surgery if there’s a medical reason for it and that’s a bit IF.
A nose job if you’re having trouble breathing. I mean I did have a deviated septum fixed once but I was having terrible problems breathing at night if I laid on one side. Ears, possibly if a kid is being teased. Cleft palate or other birth defects, definitely BUT to have a facelift because you don’t want to look your age I don’t go with. And breast implants after a mastectomy but definitely not to go from a normal size for your height and weight to an astronomical 48 DDD.

There is one surgery I think can be medically necessary and that’s a tummy tuck. Yes, I had a co-worker who had triplets and she had so much skin after their birth you could probably park a truck under it. Even after a large weight loss the excess skin can be a health hazard. I mean there’s always the risk of yeast infections and discomfort so yes, that’s medically necessary.

So, if I were offered a free makeover with cosmetic surgery thrown in I’d only opt for a tummy tuck, AFTER I loose some more weight though. Come to think of it maybe they could cut the excess fat out with the skin. That would work for me.

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  1. Mari says:

    Faceliifts rarely make anyone look younger. If anything, it just looks unnatural. I have had facial peels, though, and my skin looks great afterwards. However, I would stop short of going under the knife.
    Have you seen that show Bridalplasty, yet? Many of the girls on that show are beautiful, yet they perceive themselves as unnatractive.