My First Attempt at a Logo with Logaster

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I love the idea of being creative, taking an idea from start to finish and doing it all myself.  My problem is, I’m more mechanically minded.  I mean, if you know what you want I can usually figure out how to make it happen but I can’t usually come up with the original idea.

I can crochet from a pattern but can’t figure out the colors I want to use.  I can sew a dress but can’t pick the material and accents without someone telling me what to choose.  I use to take a friend clothes shopping with me because I couldn’t pick out separates from different racks to put an outfit together unless I saw it on a mannequin first.  Don’t get me wrong, I know what I don’t like, I’m just not always sure if what I do like will work.

Now I’ll talk about this site.  While I did have the original idea for what it was to be it took me about 7 years to get here.  I knew where I wanted the site to go, I knew where it had to start but the design itself, I was totally lost.  I had to hire someone to create a logo for me which I can say I’m still not happy with but just have no idea what it is I truly want.  I want clean, crisp, eye catching and not cartoonish but what’s left.

I want to learn graphic design and be able to put my vision on the screen but don’t you need an artistic mind first?   I’ve been playing around with a website I found called Logaster where you can design a logo yourself.  The site is super easy where you put in your company name, slogan and business type.  After that you pick the design you like but you can edit the graphic, colors and font along with adding a drop shadow.

Here’s something I created in about 10 minutes but in playing around a bit more I’m seeing that with more time and patience I have my choice of hundreds and hundreds of graphics.


You can download a small (up to 70 px) PNG of the logo for free but if you want a full size logo they have reasonable pricing.  For $4.99 a month you can do up to 2 logos a month and for $9.99 you can do up to 5 logos a month.  In addition there’s no set up fees and you can pay monthly.   What I like, you can see how creative you can be for free.

Oh, here’s the 70 px of the log I created.  Not too bad for a media kit or signature.  Logaster logo

Keep your eyes open, you may be seeing yet another change to this site in the near future.


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