Music Magpie Is The Oven Of Today For Re-Purposing Unwanted CD’s

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I’m not going to lie, I’m old, I mean some today might consider me ancient.  You see I grew up before MP3’s, home computers, cell phones and DVD players.  Heck, I grew up before CD’s, VCR’s and remote controls on TV’s.  To make it worse, I grew up before cassette tapes, 8 tracks became popular when I was in pre to early teens but best of all I remember vinyl records.

I remember listening to 45’s and having to put that little plastic disc in the larger center hole in order for it to fit on my record player’s spindle or pull up the larger plug that surrounded the small spindle on some players.

Vinyl records were great, you could play them backwards to hear hidden messages and when you got tired of them you could put them over a coffee can in the oven and let them melt and mold into bowls.  It didn’t matter that the bowls had holes in the bottom, they were still bowls and could hold fruit, plastic flowers or Easter eggs and Christmas ornaments during the holidays.  See, they were recyclable.

Vinyl Record Bowls

8 tracks and cassettes were different, you couldn’t do much with those when you were done except trade with friends who probably had the same ones you did or throw them in the trash.  CD’s are different, they might look similar to vinyl records but what can you do with them when you tire of what’s on them.  I’m not sure if they melt well in an oven so no bowls there.  You could use them as coasters but they really wouldn’t absorb enough to protect your furniture.  I’ve seen people use string or fishing line to turn them into mobiles or sun catchers but you have to like that sort of stuff.  Oh, how about gluing them to a wall and call it artwork.  ( I saw that once on a decorating show called Trading Spaces).  With MP3’s you probably won’t have many friends you can trade with since they’re trying to figure out what to do with all their unwanted CD’s.  Well, I just saw a site called Music Magpie that will pay you money for them.  Yeah, get money for something you no longer want, something that your friends might not want and something you can’t stick in the oven to re-purpose.  I’m talking about cold hard, spendable cash.


If Music Magpie was around during the vinyl record era my mom would have had a lot less bowls decorating the house.



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