Madly Madigascar in Time For Valentine’s Day

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Madly MadagascarIn time for Valentine’s Day, 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks has released Madly Madigascar direct to DVD.   With the 7 year old granddaughter living with us this looked like a great movie night option so we settled down with our favorite candy and started watching.  Don and I were a bit shocked and disappointed that it was over in 22 minutes but the granddaughter wasn’t phased at all.  To her it was a great night with Grandpa and Grandma Dee.

Madly Madigascar is of course centered around Valentine’s Day when Alex is trying to bring back the days in the New York City Zoo when he was showered with Valentines Day Cards.  Now in Africa he’s making Valentine’s Cards for all his friends in hopes of getting some in return which isn’t happening.  King Julien finds a bottle of perfume called “Love Potion No. 9” and markets it to all the animals promising to make them irresistible.  After he runs out of potion Julien, with the help of the penguins try to recreate it and come up with a new batch which works too well on Marty.  In the mean time Melman is trying to figure out the perfect Valentine for Gloria.

Of course in the end everyone realizes how much Alex means to them and make him the best Valentine.

Since the movie is only 22 minutes long you do get 2 shorts.  The first is called First Flight and doesn’t have any dialogue but is cute to follow the relationship between a commuter and a little bird who doesn’t yet know how to fly.  The second short is Hammy’s Boomerang Adventure.  You get to watch Hammy try to throw away a boomerang he found and the obvious results.

The Granddaughter’s Opinion:

The moment I opened the box and she saw the DVD cover she was talking about watching Madigascar 3 and kept asking each day when movie night was.  She said she really liked the movie and the 2 shorts kept her attention so I’d say it’s a winner.

My Opinion:

I was expecting a longer feature and disappointed it was only 22 minutes but I thoroughly enjoyed it and both shorts were cute.  If you enjoyed the other Madigascar movies then you need to see this one.

Madly Madigascar can be found at Amazon

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