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I’m not sure how to look at this but I had 2 weddings.  The first was for a marriage that was over in 6 months but it was my first and I had to have to huge formal affair with elegant invitations.  My second and  last marriage is still going strong and we had our dream wedding; simple with only a few of our favorite people and there were no wedding invitations but I did want to do marriage announcements.

For the second wedding as I said was simple and we got married at my sister-in-law’s.  After the ceremony we all changed clothes and pulled out the food.  It was great and if I were to have sent out invitations I know they wouldn’t have been formal, they would probably have been something casual and fun to reflect the people we are and the type of wedding we had.

Minted is giving me some business cards if I would go in and pick out some of my favorite invitations and share with you so here goes.

If Don and I would have had a formal wedding, these are the ones I would have picked.

Twine Wedding Invitatioins

If we would have sent out invitations for our wedding I would have picked any of these.  As a matter of fact, if I’d known about Minted before I got married I would have picked any of these as announcements.




The best thing about Minted, the prices are reasonable and you get to see a digital proof before printing.

When I start to design my business cards I’ll be sure to share the process with you as well as the finished product.

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