Lightcatcher Curtains Review

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As any new mom knows, sleep is invaluable, especially when you aren’t getting any. According to the National Sleep Foundation, infants need at least 14-15 hours of sleep to function at their best. Newborns need even more. The trouble is that things like noise, temperature and light can make it pretty tricky to keep your little guy or gal slumbering peacefully. And (as a mom of an 13-month-old) I can definitely tell you that when your little one doesn’t sleep, nobody sleeps.

So what can a frazzled mama do? LightCatcher has just launched a new line of room darkening curtains that help create the perfect sleeping environment for your baby. LightCatcher’s revolutionary beautiful quality fabric helps shield out light, noise and drafts, keeping the room cool, dark and quiet. The curtains come in a variety of terrific colors and prints, so moms and nesting moms-to-be can easily create a nursery that matches their style and personality.

I generously received the Lightcatcher Jungle Chocolate Window Panels and Valance. Add creative style to your nursery window while keeping light and sound out. These Lightcatcher curtains by Beacon Looms feature Insuldark™ technology that controls light, thermal temperature and sound all through careful fabric construction and triple-layer protection. In addition, these Lightcatcher panels are appropriately wider than standard panels for an aesthetically pleasing look (whether hung higher or wider than the window) on top of offering full coverage for your nursery window.

My Opinion

I have been searching for a long time for affordable and room darkening curtains for my one year old’s room. He is very sensitive to light and I really believe a dark room helps him sleep better and longer!

I am so glad my search is over because I found Lightcatcher Curtains! These curtains fit perfectly with my son’s jungle theme – they have the cutest giraffe and elephants all over them and they are dark brown to match the wood!

And they work wonders keeping the light out! They are the softest fabric on the outside and then have room darkening black fabric against the windows. They were super easy to put on – it took me about 5 minutes for both panels while taking care of my squirmy one year old! 🙂 They fit great and look great – and darken the room tremendously!

I recommend Lightcatcher curtains for every room that someone is sleeping in your house! It is amazing not to wake up to bright sunshine when you want to sleep in and it really helps sleeping habits in a baby’s room!

Buy It: You can purchase Lightcatcher curtains for $29.99- $34.99 (depending on size) on

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  1. I put room darkening shades in my kids room; what a difference!