LG Solves Wash Day Woes for Singles or Large Families

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I’ve never given much thought to the washer/dryer I had, as long as they worked. When we bought this house in 2008 one of the bonuses was “All Appliances Included” The appliances, though the worked weren’t very pretty. I say that now because at 60 years old I’m starting to see mind and mood benefits of being surrounded by pretty things. This brings me to my Wash Day Woes.

So, the washer/dryer were basic. Top load washer which at 5’1″ made it difficult to get everything from the bottom of the drum. Dryer had the temperature know broken off but at least it was set at heat and not cool or air. A few years ago a friend was getting a new set and she offered me her old one. YES, a front load washer with a computer that I could pre-program the cycles I want. Problem, at 60 I’m starting to have problems bending over and I need to rest between taking things out of the washer and putting them into the dryer.

Now on to the singles part. At first it was my husband and I then our granddaughter came to live with us. I have to say, between the multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day and all the towels I was doing 5-6 loads of clothes a week. Water bill was sky high and that didn’t count the times she HAD to war this red shirt and wanted me to wash just that. My husband died about a year and a half ago and my granddaughter has since moved to out of state with her parents so it’s just me. My laundry loads have decreased dramatically but I find I don’t always have enough for a full load.

Wash Day Woes

I just saw the new LG TwinWash System that will give the best of both worlds. You can do small loads of 1 or a few items in the LG SideKick pedestal washer or large loads in the top of the LG Front load washer AND you can do them simultaneously. They even have mega capacity for any size load so I can do all my bedding or dog bedding in one load. They’re also energy efficient while giving the best cleaning performance. It’s no wonder more housholds have chosen LG laundry over any other brand.

Another thing I love, the pedestal. It brings the front load opening higher so there’s less stress on my back, hips and knees. I wonder if my insurance would pay for these as a health aid.

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