Let Cross Pens Make Your Long Story Short #WriteGift

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I was approached by Cross Pens to be part of their “Long Story Short” campaign and had the perfect story to share.  In exchange for telling my story I received a Cross Pen with an engraving highlighting my story

In 1994 I was felt I was missing something in my life.  I had friends that went to church and talked about bible studies and they seemed so happy and I wanted whatever it was that they had.  Now, I was raised knowing who God and Jesus was but to me they were just names.  I went to churches with my friends, I went to Sunday schools and I went to Vacation Bible Schools.  In high school I was baptized Catholic but honestly I missed the bible stories I heard as a kid.

My mom died in January 1995 and I started my search, I just didn’t know where to find it so I started voicing my frustration to my friends and co-workers. One day a co-worker suggested I contact an ex-coworker who started going to a bible study and was changed.  I was in luck, the bible study met that night and I was invited to go along.  I grabbed my old King James Bible and off I went.  I loved every minute of my time there.  I not only met some fascinating people but I was hearing the stories I’d been missing.   I knew I wanted more of this and I planned on coming back but I needed a new bible, one that was easier to read and understand.

A few weeks later I’d heard about being “saved” and giving my life to The Lord.  I finally understood why Christ was born and why he died.  I understood the relationship between God and Jesus.  After I got home I was in the shower and kept saying The Sinner’s Prayer over and over.  I knew that I was already saved, it happened during that first bible study on June 4, 1995.  That’s why I had my pen engraved with “2nd B-Day 6/4/1995”.

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