It’s Chocolate Time Again….NOT

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When I was working I dreaded the school year and the fundraisers started.  Working in a hospital with over 2000 employees that usually meant buying candy bars from at least 5 people in my department then having the nurses, nurses aids, volunteers and even the doctors hitting you up to buy something.  Once in a while I just donated the money and left the candy for someone else.  Then Christmas came and everyone was selling the same wrapping paper and I needed to decide which pattern I bought from which person and of course I always had enough for myself and other family members to use.
When summer came there were the little league fundraisers and church youth groups trying to raise money for camp and that meant more candy.  I mean I love chocolate just as much as the next person but how many bars can one person eat and they ALL HAD ALMONDS.  Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like nuts in my chocolate. 
Now that I’m no longer working outside the home you still have family and friends who are selling for their kids and even though the devil is on one shoulder saying “NO” the angel on the other is saying “be nice”.  What makes it even worse is the attitude of the kids doing the selling.  Their heart just isn’t in it and they could care less if you bought anything.

I recently came across Big Event Fundraising which could change everything.  Big Event Fundraising has catalogs for different fundraisers that allows for some variety. How many would jump at the chance to buy household items and food like cakes, pretzels, pizza and burritos or even jewelry. Of course there are several other catalogs for different fundraisers as well as discount cards but you get my drift.

Are you a jewelry person?

Maybe you prefer outdoor cooking?

Something different and unexpected right? Heck, you could do your Christmas shopping from Big Event Fundraiser catalogs.

If schools, youth groups and sports leagues went with Big Event Fundraising you’d also see more excitement in the kids trying to sell due to their Prize Programs which are totally awesome. You know, I’d even go door to door if I could get in on the Prizes.

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  1. To be terribly honest, if my daughter brings home another fundraiser — I think I'll explode…