I’m a Wimp When It Comes To Betting, Gambling or Gaming

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While I enjoy buying lotto tickets on occasion (sad to say I didn’t buy one for this last $531 million dollar payout), a good game of poker among friends and I have been to Las Vegas a few times (I stick to the slot machines) I’m not a gambler in the true sense of the word.  I mean, when I’ve been to Vegas my daily limit is $20.  Now when I was in my early 20’s I went with my parents and my dad would start a game at a blackjack table and I’d take over but I’ve never sat down and started playing all on my own.  I think I’m too intimidated by those high rollers out there.

Now when it’s playing online for fun I’m all for Texas Holdem, 5 or 7 card draw and of course blackjack.

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While some enjoy playing on their PC or game consoles there’s a lot of choices available and while one isn’t better than the other it is a matter of personal choice. To help you understand your choices better the following was written by a guest poster, check it out here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Top casino games for gaming consoles

Despite the rise of mobile gaming and gambling in the real money mobile casino at EasyMobileCasino.com, lots of people still prefer to use consoles like the PlayStation, Xbox and Wii ones to play the likes of online casino games – and there are plenty around for users of all three types of console. PlayStation is particularly strong when it comes to casino game choice, but Casino Challenge is definitely the best one for those who are just learning the ropes with games like poker or baccarat, because it provides instruction as well as the games themselves. However for experienced poker players, Poker Masters features all of the main variants on this game, with different levels available depending on your skill level – and also allows you to choose between quick games or complex longer ones.

The Xbox 360 game World Series of Poker: Full House Pro is a poker-based game to rival it, although here all the focus is on Texas Hold’em. The setting is the prestige World Series of Poker tournament, but the real kicker with this game is that are playing against real people, not simulations. The Xbox used to lag behind its two rival consoles in terms of casino games, but the 360 offers better choice – and Casino Nights has proven to be another real hit. This is probably the best casino Xbox game if you want the full complement of games, rather than a single game focus, and the graphics and choice are both top notch.

People who use the Wii console also have plenty of choice in terms of casino gaming, and again there is a quality poker game for this console.

World Poker: Tournament of Champions again uses the tournament setting – and lets you play against a pro player (Joseph Hachem) and a top celebrity one (Jennifer Tilly) as you try to make your way through the amateur rounds to the big money final. Then there is Vegas Party, which pitches you in the middle of the Sin City Strip as you race your rival players to try and get from one end to the other, via the casinos, avoiding various natural disasters on the way – definitely one of the most exciting (if unbelievable) casino game scenarios. If you prefer gaming on your home PC or smartphone, you can play all these great games at Lucky Nugget or other casino sites (check this SpeakerDeck.com profile for details).


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