I’m Getting a New Knee

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I made a difficult decision last week.  I’m going to have knee replacement surgery.


It was a very tough decision to make, especially when the doc keeps telling me that I need one but then telling me that I’ll know when the time is right.   I mean, how can you decide when to have surgery?   They’re the experts, I want them to tell me, just give me a date and time to show up and I’ll be there but don’t expect me to narrow it down for you and make the first move.

I’ve known for years that this time was coming but kept ignoring it.  I guess it’s because of this image I have in my head of someone needing a knee replacement using a walker and not being able to do anything.  That’s not me, I can function and get around without any aide at all but I do have pain, swelling and stiffness as well as popping almost constantly.  One evening I was crying to Don that I wish someone would just tell me “you need surgery and this is when you’ll have it”.  A few days later he looked at me and said “it’s time”.  We talked about it and he helped me to realize that even though I feel like I’m able to function it is affecting my daily life and limiting me on a lot of things I’d like to do.  I think he felt he was giving me permission to have surgery but in retrospect he gave me the courage to call the doc and set it up.

I made the call Monday morning and the nurse called me back Monday evening and gave me a surgery date of August 1.  The only decision I had to make was which hospital I wanted to go to and which knee we were doing.  You see, when I’ve asked the doc which knee was worse he just said they were both bad and I needed to decide which felt worse.  All I knew was my knees hurt so for the last week I’ve been paying close attention to which hurt worse, which gave out most and which didn’t bend or straighten as much as the other one. That would be my left knee.  A few other things went into that decision though.  I’ve had multiple falls in the past, some the result of being stupid and careless and others the result of not paying attention.  Every time I fell I landed on my left knee.  After one of those falls I ended up in the emergency room and was told I had a fracture and I’d chipped a bone.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason it feels like my knee pops out of place often or if it’s just plan old arthritis but I don’t want to have surgery on my right knee and damage the new joint because this was gave out on me.


After I have this knee done the doc wants to wait at least 3 months (hopefully more) before we work on the right knee.

So, on August 1, I’ll be 1/2 a bionic woman with a new knee and most likely a card to carry for when fly that gets me a pat down and hand held scanner rather than the machine.


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