I Think I’m Back on Track – The Losing Track That Is

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My charm for losing 20 lbs

These last 2 weeks were so-so for me. 2 weeks ago I gained again but it was towards the end of the week that I realized why I was overeating. That week I gained 1.8 lbs but this last week was much better and I lost 3.2 lbs. That puts my weight at 239.7. What makes me upset is on March 22 I weighed 236.1. I’m on my way back there though and I’m going to pass that up. My goal this week is to have another loss. I don’t care if its 1/10 or a lb as long as it’s a loss.

I went for my 3rd epidural yesterday so pray that this one works and I can start some sort of exercise or go back to the walking trail with Don.

I finally got my 20 lb charm at TOPS last week. I actually earned it in January but they forgot to give it to me but that’s OK. Don got his 50lb charm and is well on his way to the 70 lb mark. I am so very proud of him, a little jealous but very proud.

I have a bracelet that belonged to my mom from when she was in TOPS in the 60’s.  It was still in the box and had 2 generic TOPS charms (a refrigerator and scale) so Don put them on and we’ve been adding the few I’ve received.  Since I’m not a charm bracelet person and I think I’m going to make us a sash or vest in the TOPS colors so we can display our charms each week.

TOPS Charm Bracelet
Charms and Awards (I earned all but the scale and silver rectangle which is a refrigerator)

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