I Feel More Professional (and important)

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I get all sorts of emails with attachments. The number one rule in our house; if you don’t know who it’s from, you don’t open attachments. The problem is, even when I do know the sender I can’t always open the attachments. If their Word files they’re in a newer version than mine I have to find a way to convert it. If it’s created in another type of program I might not be able to view it at all. The easiest ones to open are PDF files. Since every computer made anymore comes standard with a PDF reader then it can be opened and read.

Not wanting to be left out I want to make my own PDF files and I guess that requires a PDF converter. Don’t ask me why I’ve always wanted to create my own PDF files but I guess it makes me feel important (at least in my own mind). I have found some programs that let me convert a file but I’m limited on what how many I can do or they’ve got a watermarked logo across it. Not to business like if you ask me. Then what do you do if you have multiple files and want to make them into one combine PDF file?

In my searching I’ve found that Adobe not only lets me open and read PDF files I can also use Adobe Create PDF to make my own. Whether I want to create a single document, combine PDF files or print a document to PDF rather thanĀ  paper.

Now that I’ve found a way to create my own files I’ve found a need for it. I have a Media Kit that looks more professional and is more versatile than it’s Word counterpart

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