How Do You Spoil Your Puppies?

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If you ever came to my house you’d see that we treat our puppies like members of our family. We spoil them, talk to them and of course love them with the same unconditional love they give us. We try not to have favorites but with each having their own distinct personalities it’s hard.

I know the “experts” say you can’t put human emotions onto dogs as they don’t feel them the way we do but I disagree. All you need to do is look into their eyes and see what they’re feeling.

Rascal listening intently to what I’m saying to him

Ellie is very loving and she often stands back and lets Rascal and Stretch get before her, especially when it comes to treats or food for dogs. Since we have one large bowl of food and they graze all day we feel she often gets the crumbs the other 2 don’t eat which is why you’ll often find us giving her a can of food all to herself. When she’s eating that dish of food she’ll look up at us and you can see her eyes saying “thank you mommy” or “thank you daddy”.

How could you not love and want to spoil them

Even though we mix dry and canned food together we tend to by food that resembles human food. You know the ones with chunks of meat that look like steak and if there’s vegetables in there we feel better. I’ve noticed Ellie and Stretch have their favorite flavors while Rascal gobbles down anything we put in front of him though he tends to pick out the soft chunks of canned food first then go back for the harder dry food we mix with it.

If you want to see how to spoil your puppy/dog visit the Cesar website or follow Cesar on Facebook

Do you spoil your dogs? What do you do to show them love?

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  1. i spoil my dogs by everytime i go to the store i buy them a new toy,husband says i love my dogs more than him,lol

  2. Rich Hicks says:

    we have bough our puppy beds for different parts of the house so he can find the most comfortable place to take a snooze

  3. michelle warner says:

    i refuse to let my dogs sleep in living room they have to sleep in bed with me, and i tuck them all in at night