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I admit it, I hate to exercise and yes it shows. I really wish I liked jogging, sit-ups, crunches and anything else you can think of to burn calories, but sorry to say, they bore me after a few minutes.

There was a time in my life I went to Jazzercise and liked it but I went with friends and I liked the music. I joined Bally’s before it was Bally’s, it was known as The Chicago Health Club. I had a membership locked in at $92 a year and only went a handful of times. I took Jazz dance thinking that would give me exercise, I really enjoyed that but work got in the way and I was missing more classes than I could attend.

When I was little my mom had one of the vibrating belts. It was a large machine with a thick webbed type belt. You stood on a platform with the belt around you hips, leaned back and pushed the button. This thing started vibrating and was suppose to burn off fat but the only thing it did to me was make my butt numb.

She had one of those twister machines. It was made like a lazy susan. A square piece of wood with ball bearings underneath attaching it to a smaller block of wood. you stood on this thing and started doing the twist and it moved back and forth. Not too much fun.

When I was in my 20’s they had this great place called Gloria Marshall. This was a place that you could go and they had machines that did the work for you. You laid back on a table and it started moving up and down and you were doing sit-up’s. No work on your part since the machines did all the work. They would also give you a personalize diet plan.  My friends use to go there and then go out to Bonanza for a steak and baked potato lunch.  Needless to say Gloria Marshall isn’t in existence anymore.  They were bought out by a national diet center and got rid of all their machines.

I really miss all those things that did the work of exercise for you and I really wish they were back. I’d love to be able to sit at my computer playing games and still get a work out. Watch my favorite soap and get the benefits of a few sit-ups, all while holding the remote control. Well, now I can with the use of an ab machine. Yes, I can watch TV, snuggle with my puppies or play games on the computer while getting the benefits of an entire abdominal workout from sit-ups to crunches.

When I get all slim, trim and toned I can tell people I did it all by watching Days of Our Lives and blogging.

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