FIFA 10 by EA Sports

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I recently received FIFA Soccer 10 for the Wii from EA Sports to review. I’m not a soccer player and don’t really understand the sport but I tried it and must say I found it easy to kick the ball and I’m sure if I read the instructions better than I did I’d have been able to really get into it.

Luckily my stepdaughter’s fiance and his brother have played the earlier versions of FIFA Soccer for the PC and really liked them so they got into this latest version and I saw some real action going on.

Their opinion. Love some of the features on the Wii that’s not available on the PC version such as Battle for Glory which allows you to make strategic decisions as a manager. When you set goals and succeed your team will have performance enhancements such as Player Focus and Shooting Confidence but if they fail their stats will decline. Just like a real team.

You can compete against friends and family in multi-game series and tournaments where it tracks stats so you can play an actual season if you want or have tournament play. I think that’s awesome, better than playing a game here or there with nothing to gain but a momentary victory.

When I asked how easy the game was to learn or play on the Wii I was told “you can put the remote in the hands of a 4 year old and they could play” but I’ve noticed a 15 and 24 year old were probably having a lot more fun getting into the actual play than a 4 year old would understand.

FIFA 10 is also available for PS3, Xbox 360, PS3, NDS, PSP. It’s rated E for Everyone so the whole family can enjoy it.


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  1. Nice! I would love to try it and see for myself too, but thanks for this!