Exercise Your Memory With Sights and Sounds Using The ZooSnap App

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ZooSnap Growing up my mom watched TV game shows and one I liked best was Concentration.  I think the reason I liked it so well is that it was based on the children’s memory game that my parents would play with me.  I forgot all about my childhood game until JD came here and I saw her playing it with some Old Maid cards.

I was just asked to review ZooSnap and now I can share a new way to play that memory game with her and get fun rewards in the process.  As you’ve probably figured out, ZooSnap is a memory that’s based on matching animals.  The fun rewards are the animal sounds when you make a match.

ZooSnap 2

The creator of ZooSnap is a dad who said his who has learning difficulties and is aimed at kids in the 3-10 year range but can be enjoyed by the entire family.

With ZooSnap kids try to make matches of animals and every time they push a button to turn over a card they’ll hear the sound of that animal.  There’s a timer so they can try to beat their previous score and as a family you can discuss the animals and encourage each other.  Perhaps have contests between kids to see who can get the best score.  With 20 different animals their location on the board changes with each game so there’s always an adventure waiting to happen.

ZooSnap is a great way to exercise and improve your memory while having fun at the same time.

ZooSnap can is available for $0.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

For more information follow ZooSnap on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. I used to love playing memory games growing up as well. We would sit around and play for hours. This version sounds pretty neat.