Enjoy The Holiday or Vacation of Your Dreams – Without Breaking The Bank

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With summer comes thoughts of travel and vacations which can be quite costly.  Today’s guest/partnered post gives tips on how to have the vacation of your dreams without going broke.

My Dream Vacation Getaways

Whether you’re planning an action-packed adventure or a romantic getaway for two, there are plenty of ways to keep your travel costs down. Vacations and getaways don’t have to be pricey, so check out these money-saving tips and be kind on your bank balance.

Keep your borrowing costs down

If you’re funding your trip using plastic, that’s fine, but try to keep your borrowing costs down. To do this, make the most of a low interest make the most of a low interest UK credit card, preferably one of those which come with various promotional offers – such as 0 per cent on payments for a set period of time – and pay off your dues as quickly as possible. If you dip into your overdraft, try to top up your account before flying away and avoid any unnecessary charges.

 Look for packages and deals

There’s nothing wrong with a package vacation. In fact, they can be extremely convenient, but always check you’re getting value for money. Work out the approximate cost of flights, accommodation and food and see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. What’s more, look out for kids go free and group discounts as these could bring the cost of your vacation down quite significantly.

 Fly during unsociable hours

If you’re looking to save money, flying during unsociable hours could be your best bet. Fares are often reduced late at night or during the early hours, so go on the hunt for such discounts. Sure, you might have to get up a bit early or go to bed a bit late, but you’ll probably be so excited it won’t even matter. Pay using a low interest credit card in good time and you could even reserve your seats month in advance – which could also bring the price down.

 Curb your pre-holiday spending

Research shows the average Brit spends about £500 on products and services before even leaving the country. That’s a significant amount of money, so try to curb your spending as much as possible. Compare the cost of insurance, book your travel tickets in advance and avoid buying too many bikinis, shorts and espadrilles if you want to save cash. There’s only so much you can fit in your case after all and you can often buy things cheaply at your chosen destination.

With the economy in a fragile state, you can often enjoy 5-star resorts and luxury cruises at reduced prices, so look around and see what you can find.


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