Deodorant Stopped Our Puppy From Chewing

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I don’t keep secrets from Don but there was one incident I didn’t tell him about right away. It has to do with one of our end tables and our puppy Rascal.

It started a few years ago when we needed a couple end tables and a coffee table but weren’t sure what we wanted so we got 3 cheap ones. When we moved into our new house we only needed 2 in the living room so I put the extra one in the guest room and I was using it to hold my make-up and hair dryer.

In November we got a new puppy, Rascal and he hasn’t outgrown the chewing phase yet. You drop it on the floor and it’s his. I put a kleenex in my pocket and he thinks it’s his and takes it out. Anything wood and you guessed it, his.

One morning about a month ago I noticed the bottom of one end table was chewed so quick thinking me I switched it out with the one in the guest room. Don would never notice right? But I had to figure out a way to keep Rascal from chewing on the other tables so I went to my friend Mr. Google. A friend of mine had told me to get Alum from the grocery store, mix with water and spray it on but I needed something NOW. I found out Alum is used in deodorant and solid deodorant could be used to deter chewing.

I rubbed some deodorant on the bottom of all the tables in the house and watched. The first time Rascal tried to chew the table he backed up quickly and ran off. It worked. Now what can I do about that table that’s been chewed. I remembered I had some markers used to cover scratches on furniture so I sanded the bottom of the table and tried to color it in. It wasn’t perfect but it might be enough not to draw attention to it.

A couple of weeks ago I finally told Don what had happened and about using the antiperspirant and he started laughing. He’d been trying to figure out what that white stuff was on all the furniture.

Stick antiperspirant works so well I’d recommend it on kitchen and dining room tables, end tables, coffee tables and entertainment centers. Heck, anything you don’t want your dog to chew.

In hindsight though, If I’d really wanted to keep it a Secret I should have used the Invisible Solid.

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