How I Cut the Cable and Save Money

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Don was disgusted with our Direct TV bill and the fact that we were paying over $165 and there wasn’t much on.

For the past 2 years we said we were going to cut the cable and get an outside antenna just to be done with it but something always stopped us, I think it was fear.  After Don died and I realized that my income was going to be cut almost in half I had to do something and that darn TV bill was staring me in the face so I made the decision.

I first done my research and because I have a dumb TV I decided on a Roku.  Then it was which one, the Roku Stick, Roku 1, 2 or 3 and now I see they’ve come out with a Roku 4.  In 2015 they upgraded the Roku 2 so it had the same guts as the 3, the difference was in the remote.  The 3 has a remote that doesn’t have to be pointed at the device and it’s got a headphone jack for private listening.  Now, I don’t know about you but I’m use to pointing my remote at my TV so what’s the problem there.  I’m also the only one in the house so having a headphone jack in the remote was a bit overkill so I saved about $50 by going with the updated 2.

I only ordered one Roku 2 and put it in the bedroom and I can honestly say, it was love at first watch.

Cut the Cable with a Roku 2

I’ve since ordered another device for the living room and the granddaughter recently came to live with me to finish out the school year so I bought a refurbished Roku stick for her TV.

Cut the Cable with a Roku Streaming Stick

I can honestly say I don’t miss my satellite like I thought I would.  Almost all of the shows I watch are on Hulu the next day or shortly after.  The DVR which is what I thought I’d miss most is a non issue since Hulu, CBS All Access has almost everything I watch and if that fails there’s always Amazon though I do have to pay $1.99 to watch The Walking Dead.

If you’re looking for a Roku I suggest looking at Amazon where you can compare all they offer and make the best decision for you and your situation.



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