Cosmic Art Gallery

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I love looking at the photos taken in space and I’m amazed at the colors and designs and some are breathtaking.   To read more about these photo or to see more go to the NASA Image Gallery

Cosmic Ice Sculptures  These pillars of cold hydrogen and dust, imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope, are located in the Carina Nebula.



Seeing Red  This NASA Hubble Space Telescope infrared mosaic image represents the sharpest survey of the Galactic Center to date



Swirling Landscape of Stars  This swirling landscape of stars is known as the North America Nebula. In visible light, the region resembles North America, but in this image infrared view from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, the continent disappears.



Super Nova Remnant  Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers are witnessing the unprecedented transition of a supernova to a supernova remnant, where light from an exploding star in a neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, reached Earth in February 1987

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  1. Rachel says:

    The North America Nebula is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. omgosh, some of those are just incredible!

  3. That bottom one looks weird

  4. my son will LOVE these!!!!

  5. Dawn says:

    Those are beautiful!