Clocks; A Necessary Evil

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We’re a society ruled by time.  We schedule appointments, dinner dates, lunch dates, coffee breaks and some people even schedule time for their families.  In our hectic lives time is necessary but can also be our enemies.

For a long time I’ve felt clocks were one of the worst inventions ever made. Well, maybe that’s too strong since looking at a clock is much better than using the sun to tell the time but clocks in cars are the worst. Think about it, you’re driving to an appointment and you left a couple of minutes late so you watch the clock constantly and stress, maybe you speed a bit or try to beat the changing light ahead. You now become a danger to yourself and those around you. Another scenerio, you allowed yourself plenty of time but traffic is a bear, every light is red and you got stopped by the longest train in the history of trains. What do you do, you watch the clock and get stressed, try to speed or tailgate, try to bet the changing light ahead and you’ve become a danger to yourself and those around you. I don’t know about you but I’d rather get to my appointment a little late but in one piece than not get there at all because I’m in an ambulance on the way to the ER or worse.

On the other had we all need to know the time and keep track of it but our worlds are co chaotic or we get so involved in a project we forget to even glance at the clock and miss a deadline. We’re chatting on the computer with a friend or oohing and aahing at the photos of a friends new baby, grandchild or puppy on Facebook and your dinner burns.

How would you like an online timer that you can set to notify you when you need to get ready for your appointment or maybe 15 minutes before your deadline. Maybe it can notify you when you need to check on dinner or pick up the kids from school. I can already see the wheels turning in your head thinking of how handy this would be. I’m not done yet, I can do you one better. How does a countdown clock sound. Yeah, you heard me or should that be, you read me. An online countdown clock that allows you to set not only a time but also a date and it will countdown the days, hours, minutes and seconds. How about putting that countdown on your website or blog to Christmas, vacations, birthdays or even your expected due date.

I’ve been playing around with and having a blast. No longer am I having to glance at the clock every few minutes to see if it’s time to start dinner and forgetting to look that one time and dinner’s now and hour late. I’ve put in my birthday and Christmas. I tried putting it on my sidebar but for some reason it won’t work on Blogger unless I’m going to mess with the code but that ain’t gonna happen soon. I am though working on a new design on WordPress and it works great in a sidebar widget as you can see by screenshot below and no that’s not the finished design, as I said I’m still working on it.

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