I Choose a Diet Coke

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I was recently asked to finish another question by the folks at Coke.  “Instead of reaching for __________, I choose a Diet Coke.”

That’s a tough one because there was so much I use to choose when I was eating and drinking sugar.  I’d choose regular lemonade, regular Pepsi, cookies (regular Chips Ahoy) and milk (1 large glass with each cookie) and my favorite, potato chips with cream cheese with 20 oz bottle of Pepsi. Now, I still have my chocolate chip cookies and an occasional glass of milk but the amount is less.  Yes, instead of an entire tube of cookies and 2-3 glasses of milk I may have 4 cookies and 1 glass of milk.  Rather than lemonade I choose Diet Coke and when I have my chips and cream cheese I prefer Diet Coke.

You see, Diet Coke has become an almost daily staple in my life and to shake things up I will buy caffeine free.   Don’s even gotten on the Diet Coke train but he prefers his to be Diet Cherry Coke or Coke Zero.  They all contain  Aspartame for that great sweet taste I crave.

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