All Thoughts of Spring Lead to Flowers, New Clothes, Shoes, Purses and……….

With Daylight Savings Time here that means spring is just around the corner.  If you’re like me when I think of spring I think of flowers, bright colors, pastels, warmer weather and these all make me think of a new wardrobe in those colors which in turn brings me to Easter which brings me back to flowers.   Yeah, my mind does often go in circles like that and it drives Don crazy. I bet we all have our favorite flowers {Read More}

Together We Can Fight Holiday Fat

If you’re like me you’re always on a diet, always wanting to get healthier or fit in a smaller size.  OK, I need to go down more than 1 size but I’m working on it.  One problem I’m having right now are the holidays.  First there was Thanksgiving and once I overdid it that day the pigging out lasted about a week or just in time for the Christmas goodies to start coming out with the chocolate Santa’s, eggnog, Christmas {Read More}

Novica Gift Finder for Unique Gifts and Novica Giveaway

When I buy a gift for someone I want it to be something they wouldn’t think of getting for themselves yet something that I know they’ll love. Something that looks like it’s been made specifically for them. That’s one reason I like to do Window’s Shopping, I can look at 1000’s of stores, shops and websites from all over the world and find something that’s not found at my local mall. A few months ago I was able to review {Read More}

Hammering Down the Price of Deliveries

Whenever as a family you decide to make a major and/or expensive purchase this can be a big strain on your budget, but it often involves looking on the internet as your first port of call even if it is just to gauge the kind of prices you can expect to find. However, with online auction sites like eBay or classified sites like Craigslist, you have access to thousands of items that match your needs but often with these expensive {Read More}

A Girl Just Wants to Feel Pretty

As you probably know I’m trying to lose weight and as a result my clothes are getting a bit baggy on me. Truth be told in the past that wouldn’t have bothered me as I liked loose and casual and lived in jeans or sweats with mens t-shirts. I thought this would hide my fat better and I didn’t have to face the mirror when trying on clothes. That’s beginning to change. A few months ago I told Don I {Read More}