I’m a Wimp When It Comes To Betting, Gambling or Gaming

While I enjoy buying lotto tickets on occasion (sad to say I didn’t buy one for this last $531 million dollar payout), a good game of poker among friends and I have been to Las Vegas a few times (I stick to the slot machines) I’m not a gambler in the true sense of the word.  I mean, when I’ve been to Vegas my daily limit is $20.  Now when I was in my early 20’s I went with my {Read More}

Photo Editing Free and Easy with Fotor.com

This is a partnered post with Fotor.  All opinions and photos are my own.   I’ve taken pictures since the introduction of the first Kodak Instamatic with flash cube and drop in film cartridge.  I got my first SLR while in high school and had my own darkroom shortly after.  Where I could edit and do all sorts of special effects in my darkroom I was hesitant to switch to digital where I’d lose that creativity (not that I have {Read More}

Blue Kangaroo Brings the Deals You Want To You

This is a partnered post, all opinions are my own   I’ve said before I love the convenience of shopping online.  No crowds, no sore feet and no headaches.  The one thing I don’t like is trying to find what I want.  With so many, and I mean thousands or millions of places on the world wide web to shop how do you know what sites to shop at. If you’re like me you have a couple “go to” sites {Read More}

Music Magpie Is The Oven Of Today For Re-Purposing Unwanted CD’s

This is a partnered post, all opinions are my own.   I’m not going to lie, I’m old, I mean some today might consider me ancient.  You see I grew up before MP3’s, home computers, cell phones and DVD players.  Heck, I grew up before CD’s, VCR’s and remote controls on TV’s.  To make it worse, I grew up before cassette tapes, 8 tracks became popular when I was in pre to early teens but best of all I remember {Read More}

My First Attempt at a Logo with Logaster

I love the idea of being creative, taking an idea from start to finish and doing it all myself.  My problem is, I’m more mechanically minded.  I mean, if you know what you want I can usually figure out how to make it happen but I can’t usually come up with the original idea. I can crochet from a pattern but can’t figure out the colors I want to use.  I can sew a dress but can’t pick the material {Read More}