How I Cut the Cable and Save Money

  Don was disgusted with our Direct TV bill and the fact that we were paying over $165 and there wasn’t much on. For the past 2 years we said we were going to cut the cable and get an outside antenna just to be done with it but something always stopped us, I think it was fear.  After Don died and I realized that my income was going to be cut almost in half I had to do something and {Read More}

SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset Review

I needed a new headset and since Don was very happy with his SteelSeries Diablo III Headset I just had to get me one from the same company. So, when I was offered the SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset to review I just had to say YES. The problem is, I can comment on comfort and how much I like them but I’m not a gamer so I had to go to the experts. Don said he’d do the review for me {Read More}

Kidz Gear Headphones Review

When JD (the granddaughter) moved here we found out her Nintendo DS was the one thing that kept her from getting bored when we were places that weren’t set up for kids.  The problem was, in some situations the sound on the DS was distracting to those around her.  I let her use some ear buds but they were too large and hurt her ears.  I let her use my headphones but they were too big and heavy for her {Read More}

Epson Stylus NX430 Color Inkjet Wireless Small-in-One Printer Review and Giveaway – Ends 11-28-11

Are you looking for an all in one printer?  I got an awesome printer to tell you about, it’s the Epson Stylus NX430 Color Inkjet Wireless Small-in-One Printer!  This little printer works great!  It’s easy to install and I love the idea that you can enjoy instant wireless printing from popular mobile devices.  Printing up photographs is easy and they look fabulous!  One thing I really love about this printer in that it has four ink cartridges, that way if {Read More}