RSV Awareness and Prevention

With my background as a Respiratory Therapist and Coordinator of Peds and NICU;  RSV prevention is something I take very seriously.  I’ve seen infants choking and struggling to breath and I’ve seen them in the ICU on ventilators because they just can’t breath well enough for themselves anymore. What is RSV RSV or respiratory syncytial [sin-sish-uhl] virus is a contagious viral disease that may infect a person’s lungs and breathing passages.   For most of us it looks like nothing more {Read More}

Ace Brand Reusable Cold Compress and Ace Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer Review

Having Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and being a klutz I can tell you I’ve used my share of ice packs and elastic bandages.  I’ve even had splints, casts, imobilizers and Ankle Action braces so it’s no wonder I was happy to find ACE Brand Reusable Cold Compress and Ace Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer. First, my favorite is the Reusable Cold Compress.  The compress is large enough to cover my knees and it’s flexible so it conforms over the sides. It also covers {Read More}

Together We Can Fight Holiday Fat

If you’re like me you’re always on a diet, always wanting to get healthier or fit in a smaller size.  OK, I need to go down more than 1 size but I’m working on it.  One problem I’m having right now are the holidays.  First there was Thanksgiving and once I overdid it that day the pigging out lasted about a week or just in time for the Christmas goodies to start coming out with the chocolate Santa’s, eggnog, Christmas {Read More}

Abreva: The Best Defense Against Cold Sores

Remember being in high school, getting ready for that big date and finding the huge pimple between your eyes or suddenly getting a cold sore?   I honestly don’t know which is worse, a pimple as big as Texas sticking out for all the world to see or a cold sore that covers up your lip and makes it so you probably won’t get that kiss you’ve been dreaming of. Cold sores have a way of disrupting your life and are {Read More}