My Journey From a Pepsiholic to a Diet Coke Fan

This is a partnered post but the story and opinions are my own     I was recently asked to finish this question: Diet Coke is best enjoyed out of _____________. I had to think long and hard about this one then realized I like any soda out of a bottle.  Glass bottles are my preference but with those becoming few and far between I’ll take plastic. I don’t like 2 liter bottles as they go flat on me too {Read More}

Stride iD Gum: Targeting Teens but Great at Any Age

Years ago I was chewing gum at work and accidentally bit through my tongue.  It was bad enough the nurses I worked with wanted me to go the ER but I refused when I couldn’t figure out how to tell the doc I bit my tongue chewing gum without being embarrassed.  I ended up sucking on ice cubes and talking funny for a week until the swelling went down.   Since that time I gave up chewing gum but once in {Read More}

Low Cal Snacking with Lucy’s Cookies and Brownie Cakes

I think if I didn’t have Don to encourage me I’d have giving up on trying to lose weight. Don’s my biggest supporter when I lose even 1/10 of a lb and he’s my biggest motivator when I gain anything. Don’t get me wrong, the TOPS group is great and keeps me accountable week to week but it’s Don who keeps be going day after day and sometimes minute after minute. With his encouragement and support I weighed 240.3 on {Read More}

Just Call Me The Popsicle Kid – Frozen Treat Social Sweepstakes and Giveaway

When I was little people would often say I was Un American just because I didn’t like watermelon, I wasn’t fond of hot dogs (unless I was at a ballgame or the zoo) and I really didn’t care for ice cream. One thing I did love though was Popsicles. Whenever the Good Humor truck came around I’d rush inside to get money and everyone knew I was buying my favorite Popsicle. It didn’t matter what flavor as long as it {Read More}

Tandoor Chef Naan Pizza

Growing up in Chicago I love pizza. Not just any pizza but GOOD PIZZA. Don didn’t grow up in Chicago but he feels the same way about pizza, he’s just not as much of a pizza snob as I am. We moved down south 7 years ago and no, not the South Side of Chicago but far enough south that I’m referred to as “The Yankee.” Anyway it’s hard to find good pizza around here so when I was offered {Read More}