Bring Out Your Creative Side with Mini Pupstars App – Available for the iPad and iPad Mini

  Is your child a budding artist?  Perhaps they love to try and dress up the family pet or give them a new hairstyle?  Then again maybe they just want to have fun and show off their creative side?  Do you have a dream of having a designer dog, and by designer I mean one you can design, dress up and color to match your wardrobe or mood?   If you answered yes to any of these then I was {Read More}

Exercise Your Memory With Sights and Sounds Using The ZooSnap App

Growing up my mom watched TV game shows and one I liked best was Concentration.  I think the reason I liked it so well is that it was based on the children’s memory game that my parents would play with me.  I forgot all about my childhood game until JD came here and I saw her playing it with some Old Maid cards. I was just asked to review ZooSnap and now I can share a new way to play {Read More}