She Looks Like a Princess

As most girls her age J.D. loves to get dressed up and wants to be a princess.   The problem with that is she also likes to do cartwheels, rough house with the puppies and rollerskate, all things un-princess like or should I say all things dresses aren’t made for.   She’s also a bit challenged when it comes to putting an outfit together.  Not to say all of her choices are bad but once in a while when she’s wearing a {Read More}


We just had a new addition to our family. My nephew is the proud papa of an adorable little girl so imagine my delight when I was presented the opportunity to try and review the Peek-a-Belly onsie or bodysuit. The Peek-a-Belly is unique in that it has an overlapping belly that closes with a decorative circular designer patch. When opened this allows easy access to the belly for kissing and tickling which we all know we can’t resist. When the {Read More}