Bring Out Your Creative Side with Mini Pupstars App – Available for the iPad and iPad Mini

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Is your child a budding artist?  Perhaps they love to try and dress up the family pet or give them a new hairstyle?  Then again maybe they just want to have fun and show off their creative side?  Do you have a dream of having a designer dog, and by designer I mean one you can design, dress up and color to match your wardrobe or mood?


If you answered yes to any of these then I was asked to share the perfect app with you:  Mini Pupstars.

Mini Pupstars is an iPad or iPad Mini app that’s sure to keep your little one (or you) occupied and happy for hours.  Mini Pupstars is an interactive game where your child (oh alright you are) the dog groomer, I mean stylist and you can wash and style their hair by cutting, coloring, use magic to apply extensions and accessorize.  You can punk them up, glamorize them or even dress them down.  Some changes make the pup happy and some make them smile and wag their tails in excitement.

Mini Pupstars

Don’t believe me, here’s a short video of the app in action.


Mini Pupstars is available on iTunes for $1.99 USD or 1.49 British Pounds.

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