Blue Kangaroo Brings the Deals You Want To You

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I’ve said before I love the convenience of shopping online.  No crowds, no sore feet and no headaches.  The one thing I don’t like is trying to find what I want.  With so many, and I mean thousands or millions of places on the world wide web to shop how do you know what sites to shop at.

If you’re like me you have a couple “go to” sites and you stick to them.  NewEgg for electronics; Toys R Us for toys; Walmart for toys, some clothing, storage, etc and Amazon for just about anything you can think of.  But sometimes I feel adventurous and want to see what else is out there, what else I might be missing and what stores are there that I’ve never heard of.

Welcome to Blue Kangaroo.  Blue Kangaroo is a site that does the shopping and finds special offers for you.  Well, they might not find the exact item you want but they do send you to the right direction.  You can pick categories of things that interest you like electronics, furniture, books, kids clothes and each day your feed on the site is filled with places that have deals for the items in your list.  They even send a daily email.  Better yet, if you have a gmail or yahoo email account you can give them permission to sync with your emails and include items from your emails also.

bk logo

I signed up with 3 different email addresses just to see how it works. For each account I picked different interests and I’m amazed at the results on my board.  For one of the accounts I used a gmail address and I was shocked to see results that were from a site I get daily or multiple emails from daily.  The emails I ignore because they were coming too frequently.  It’s great to see them all in one place.

bk 1

Patio, lawn and garden board in my likes

bk ds email

My email from BlueKangroo this morning


Another neat feature, you can share your boards with your friends.  For those that aren’t tied to their computer but prefer the mobility of a tablet or phone they have mobile apps.  Oh, on one of my boards I picked the local mall.  How neat is that, I can use their mobile app and find deals on the rare occasions I brave the crowds at the mall.

It’s not just merchandise or products you can add, they have restaurants and food & groceries, business & services, travel and pets.

Here are 2 of the offers I’ve received over the last couple of days; 20% off when signing up for emails at Nautica and up to 20% off of grills and accessories at ShoppersChoice.

What I love is the ease in which you can share a specific offer.  Just hover over the offer and a share icon comes to the top, like Pinterest.  You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Blue Kangaroo, Pinterest or even send it via email.

Oh, and before I forget, you can follow or become pals with other members of Blue Kangaroo so it’s sort of like a social network site for deals.

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