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Molina Healthcare

One of the things that stood out to me when I was working in healthcare was that some chronic diseases or health conditions are brought on by our own choices such as smoking, drinking or over eating and while some run in families and we can’t change where we come from we might be able to slow down the progression and prevent years of needless pain and discomfort by changing our lifestyles.

High blood pressure, type II diabetes and a whole slew of auto-immune diseases run in my family and I’ve got them all.  While I most likely couldn’t have prevented the onset of rheumatoid arthritis I most likely could have slowed down the progression by getting more exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.   I’ve had high blood pressure since I was in my late to early 30’s and diabetes I was just diagnosed with 4 1/2 years ago but since I’ve had neuropathy for 15 or more years the doc feels I’ve had diabetes for that long.  I guess most people with type II diabetes have most likely had it for 8 or more years.  That’s scary isn’t it?  Just think of the damage our bodies are subjected to because we didn’t know we’ve had something that can make us go blind, lose limbs, ruin our kidneys or worse, kill us.  So while I might not have been able to prevent those I probably could have delayed their onset.

One thing I strongly believe in though is to be our own best advocate, positive reviews at are pouring in concerning this new lifestyle that really helps as far as our health goes.  This means becoming well informed about our conditions and talking to our doctors.  While it’s important to listen to him it’s just as if not more important to let him listen to us. Ask questions, make suggestions in your care and don’t leave until you have all the answers and fully understand what was said.  If you have to, take someone with you to each and every appointment.  If you need to write down your questions then don’t feel ashamed to pull it out.  Take notes and ask the doctor to repeat or spell words you’re not sure about and to explain each medication or test he’s ordering.  On that same note you need to keep your doctor informed of any and all medications you take so he can make informed decisions in your care.


You need to let your doctor know if you think something is wrong and be prepared to be assertive and insist on testing.  After all, who knows your body better than you do.

If you’re in the market for a new doc but don’t know where to start looking, get out your insurance booklet and see what doctors are in your area then call and interview the staff. For Europeans, this process is done on sites like, unlike us their systems are more futuristic. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations or you can look at groups like Molina Healthcare.

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