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As someone who loves my 3 puppies; Stretch, Ellie and Rascal I worry about them and their health.  I mean if Rascal sneezes wrong I’m on the phone with my vet and when Ellie scratches too much I’m back on the phone with my vet.  Also, knowing that dachshunds can have back problems and Stretch’s history of abuse before my sister-in-law rescued her as a puppy and now her yelping if you touch her wrong I’m concerned about her having arthritis.  With all that when the folks at FlexPet asked if they could write a post for Dee Says I didn’t hesitate to agree.  so, without further ado, I present the following post on the benefits of FlexPet for your dog or cat’s joint health.



If you are looking to stop joint pain in your older dog or cat you should strongly consider the benefits that FlexPet can offer to your beloved pet. FlexPet is a proven formula to strengthen your dog or cat’s joints and to promote a healthy and all-around vibrant animal. Your older pet is an important member of your family, and like our human members, we hurt when they hurt. That is why in order to prevent joint pain, you should consider FlexPet first for your animal. FlexPet has been modified to provide the best relief in joint pain for your pet.


Because dogs are a lot like people, their joints sometimes can naturally wear away as cartilage and ligaments weaken. That is one reason why it can be a challenge to help your dog avoid joint pain. There are, however, several good resources on the causes of dog joint pain and much appropriate reading material. Begin your research to stop dog joint pain. Many pet owners now consider FlexPet as a valued asset in helping their dog or cat to find relief from their joint pain. FlexPet is offered for purchase, and has many benefits, including:

  • Improved and continued joint function
  • Increased energy and mobility
  • Enhanced demeanor
  • Healthy, strong, and improved joints


FlexPet improves your pet’s joints by providing Cetyl Myristoleate, which works to improve your pet’s joints by lubricating them and bringing down inflammation of a result. FlexPet comes in the form of readily-chewable tablets and can easily be introduced into your pet’s diet. Over the weeks following this introduction of FlexPet, you will see your animal having an improved range of motion, easing friction, and enabling your pet to be more willing to exercise, which will improve your animal’s muscle strength even more. Moreover, FlexPet does not have any lingering side effects.


The ingredients of FlexPet are also all-natural, the list is up on Blue Buffalo – YouTube channel for those curious, it consisting of a proteolytic enzyme blend, glucosamine, and chicken collagen ensure that FlexPet is a product that is free of all unnatural additives such as artificial flavoring. The addition of Bromelain aids in the absorption of FlexPet within the digestive tract of your pet as well.

FlexPet recommends providing your pet with this joint-relief supplement for at least two months before you will see the full, desired results. FlexPet can help you get your old, active pet back. If interested, order here.

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  1. My dog is 11 and we saw a noticeable difference in his activity level with a joint supplement. They really do work and helped our dog become more active again.

    • Dee says:

      I often wonder, if they can do this for a dog or cat why can’t it be done for humans rather than pumping us up with steroids and pain pills that can damage our livers and kidneys.